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CCMWA Water Treatment Process

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Provides sustainable and reliable drinking water that supports public health, public safety and the economic vitality of the region.

The Cobb County Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) is the second largest wholesale drinking water provider in the state of Georgia. Established by an act of the Georgia General Assembly in 1951, CCMWA delivers purified drinking water to 10 wholesale customers within Cobb County, Paulding County, and parts of Cherokee and Douglas County. Our mission is to provide sustainable and reliable drinking water that supports public health, public safety, and the economic vitality of the region.

An Eleven Step Process

Raw Water Sources

Begins with raw water from Allatoona Lake being pumped from the intake six miles to our Wyckoff Water Treatment Plant in Acworth.


The pretreatment process aims to improve the quality of the raw water prior to the main treatment process.


Water flows through chambers containing baffling boards to gently mix the water, allowing floc particles to settle out in the next process.


The floc settles by gravity to the bottom of a sedimentation basin. Clean water travels up through the plate settlers and spills over into the weirs.

Residuals Management

CCMWA collects and treats the solids removed through the sedimentation process and manages a program to spread the treated residuals on nearby farmland.


Filtration helps to remove remaining particles from the water an than force of gravity moves the water through filter media, composed of sand and anthracite coal.

Granular Activated Carbon

GAC contactors which absorb microscopic natural organic compounds that can combine with the chlorine disinfectant to produce regulated disinfection byproducts.

Post Chemical Treatment

Sodium hypochlorite is added for disinfection and ensures a residual disinfectant is available to prevent bacteria growth in the distribution system.

Clear Wells

Once treatment is complete, the water travels through the clear wells for a time sufficient to allow the post treatment chemicals to properly interact.

High Service Pumps

High service pumps push water into CCMWA's transmission piping system, which carries the water to our wholesale customers' distribution systems.


CCMWA’s transmission system includes over 200 miles of ductile iron and concrete pipelines that range in size 16-64 inches in diameter.

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CCMWA is dedicated to providing safe drinking water to its utility customers and the community. CCMWA strives to deliver reliable, high quality service while preserving and protecting our water resources.