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watersmartlogoThe Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) understands that water conservation is a key to ensuring a sustainable water supply for our community. In 2000, CCMWA initiated waterSmart™, a water conservation program. The mission of waterSmart™ is to educate water users about the value of water and the importance of indoor and outdoor water conservation, and to encourage sustainable, year-round conservation, regardless of climate conditions. In 2005, Cobb County Water System became a partner in the waterSmart™ program to ensure residents had access to conservation information and materials. The programs and materials created through the waterSmart™ education program are available to all of CCMWA’s wholesale customers and the citizens they serve. The waterSmart™ program sponsors three contests each year to give students at all grade levels an opportunity to learn about water conservation and the value of water. To learn more about our waterSmart™ program, click here.


To see this year's winners, click here.


Previous waterSmart™ Art Winners:

Sudiksha R - January 2023 Winner
Carlos S - February 2023 Winner
Delilah G - March 2023 Winner
Fiona H - April 2023 Winner
Sam D - May 2023 Winner
Anastasia N - June 2023 Winner
Teresa C - July 2023 Winner
Jamie C - August 2023 Winner
Noora F - September 2023 Winner
Maddox C - October 2023 Winner
Penelope R - November 2023 Winner
Ella S - December 2023 Winner
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