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James E. Quarles Water Treatment Plant

The Quarles Water Treatment Plant (originally the Chattahoochee Plant) was the first CCMWA water treatment plant, with original construction commencing in 1952. Since that time, Quarles has undergone many enhancements and expansions to meet the growing community’s water needs, and through two independent treatment plants on the campus, is currently permitted to produce 87 million gallons per day. In 2021, CCMWA completed the Quarles Plant 1 project which replaced all the nearly 60-year-old structures associated with Quarles Plant 1 and rebuilt a new 33 million gallons per day capacity water treatment facility in its place. Operators of the Quarles Plant meet the challenges of treatment of Chattahoochee River water, which can experience highly variable quality as it flows through metropolitan Atlanta. There are more than 30 employees at the Quarles WTP, and they monitor, execute and manage every aspect the water treatment process using proven treatment processes.

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