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Hickory Log Creek Reservoir

The Hickory Log Creek Reservoir is a jointly owned project by CCMWA and the City of Canton. CCMWA operates and manages the project, but the costs and water supply generated by the project are split 75% (CCMWA)/ 25% (Canton). The project includes a reservoir and dam, an intake and pumping station on the Etowah River, a 42-inch pipeline connecting the river and the reservoir, and compensatory mitigation areas created and preserved to offset the environmental impacts of the project. Canton and CCMWA formed their partnership in 2000 to meet the long-term water supply needs of the region. Construction of the reservoir and dam began in 2005, and the entire project was completed in 2008. Full pool was first attained in April 2011. The Hickory Log Creek Reservoir supplements Canton’s water supply from the Etowah River and CCMWA's supply further downstream from Allatoona Lake. The reservoir is a pumped storage, stream augmentation reservoir that allows water to be pumped from the Etowah River when flows are high and be released back to the river when flows are low.  Click here to see our Hickory Log Creek story board. 

At 180 feet high, the Hickory Log Creek Dam is the highest dam in Georgia not constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or Georgia Power Company. The reservoir has a total storage capacity of almost six billion gallons and covers approximately 411 acres at full pool and provides approximately 15 miles of shoreline. Most of the reservoir is bounded by a 150-foot protective buffer. The reservoir is located in the City of Canton which provides a public access area near the intersection of Bluffs Parkway and Fate Conn Road.

Recreational Information

Fishing and rowing enthusiasts are welcome to come and enjoy the beautiful Hickory Log Creek Reservoir. Access to the reservoir is provided through the City of Canton. Click here for more information about hours and restrictions.

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