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Calvin F. Simmons Microbiological Laboratory

CCMWA’s Laboratory Division is responsible for testing the water that CCMWA provides to its wholesale customers to ensure that it meets state and federal water quality standards. The Lab analyzes approximately 500 regulatory water samples each month from our wholesale customers’ distribution systems. The Lab consists of a research lab, chemistry lab, microbiology lab, level II micro lab, media prep lab and incubator lab. For more information about our lab click here

CCMWA’s laboratory is a certified for microbiological analysis of total coliform and E. coli by the State of Georgia. To become certified, a laboratory must successfully participate in Water Supply Proficiency Tests twice per year for all analytes and methods for which certification is sought. All in-state analyses for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act must be performed by a certified Water Laboratory Analyst, or a Class I or Class II Water Treatment Operator. For more information about EPD’s monitoring requirements, click here

Beyond its regulatory monitoring and reporting work, CCMWA’s Laboratory Division provides support for operations through analysis and trending of raw water sources and water at various states of the treatment process. Much of this analysis is performed outside of its certification as a microbiology lab but utilizes the Division’s capabilities in organic and inorganic chemical analysis to ensure good operation decisions. These same capabilities allow CCMWA to participate in national research and development projects for the drinking water industry.

To access our sampling records, please visit the EPD's public database portal.

Well Testing

The CCMWA laboratory performs bacterial tests (total coliform and fecal coliform) for residents of our service area for fee. Results from these samples can be determined in less than 24 hours. For more information about well testing, please call our Laboratory Division at 770-514-5280.

For more information about wells, click here.

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