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Who We Are

Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority’s history is closely linked to the Bell Aircraft Corporation in the early 1940’s in Marietta, Georgia. The area’s largest aircraft manufacturing facility, Air Force Plant No. 6, was constructed in 1942-43 for the Bell Aircraft Corporation (also known as Bell Bomber). Bell’s Georgia Division built and delivered to the U.S. War Department 663 Boeing-designed B-29 long range bombers during World War II. To supply water to the factory, a 20-inch line was run from the city of Atlanta to the Bell Bomber plant in Marietta. At this time, the residents and businesses of Cobb County relied upon well water for their water needs. The idea of an independent, local water inspired local leaders to ask the State of Georgia to create a water authority. In 1951, Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority was established as an act of the Georgia General Assembly and to this day has remained a separate entity from Cobb County Government and the City of Marietta. By 1954, the Quarles Water Treatment Plant had been constructed and began supplying residents in the area.

Today, the Authority delivers purified drinking water to its wholesale customers through a 200 plus mile transmission system of buried iron and concrete pipe, or water mains. The system includes water mains ranging in sizes from 16 to 64 inches, with nearly half of the pipe at 36 inches in diameter. This water transmission network is fed from both of the CCMWA water treatment plants for maximum flexibility and reliability.

CCMWA water treatment professionals are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor system pressures, tank levels and water quality. The transmission system, which includes connections to in and out-of-county customers, lies entirely within Cobb County with water storage tanks located throughout the County for demand equalization, fire protection and emergency conditions.

Our Mission

To provide safe, sustainable, and reliable drinking water that supports the region.

Our Values

Core Values (how we act at all times, regardless of the circumstances or impact on our mission)

  • Service: Preserving the trust of customers and stakeholders by exceeding their expectations
  • Stewardship: Responsible and sustainable management of resources and assets
  • Professionalism: Exhibiting high standards in personal conduct with a commitment to quality

Permission-to-Play Values (how anyone should act to be allowed to provide water service)

  • Integrity: Acting honestly and consistently
  • Trust: Confidence that employees will do the right thing, while safeguarding the confidence that others have in us
  • Technical Excellence: Acquiring, developing, and maintaining expertise needed to support our purpose

Aspirational Values (what we would like to improve in, so we're taking strategic steps to get there)

  • Safety Culture: Protecting our employees and the public through an ingrained mindset of safety
  • Transparency: Open and clear decision-making process; information is easily available and readily shared
  • Innovation: Translating new technology, ideas, business processes, and systems to improve our services and work environment
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